When opposites meet by Sachin Garg

We’ve heard the saying opposites attract countless times, but what is the aftermath? Sure, winds blew, birds flew, and love bloomed, but can they really work it out despite all their differences? The romantics will say they will, the cynics might think otherwise, but the story takes you on a journey of 3 contrasting couples drawn to each other in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

The book has 3 subplots tracing the path of 6 individuals. The tale delves into 3 different relationships with their own set of challenges and hurdles but connected by a common thread of love. After all, what is love if not unconditional, regardless of a difference in personalities, physical appearance, or anything?

The words are woven into sentences to evoke a sense of love, mirth, longing, separation, and remorse among the readers.

It is a simple story which might appear complex, and perhaps should be read with great concentration as you might lose the flow and the characters.

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