If I had to tell it again by Gayathri Prabhu

A father-daughter relationship will always have more love than words but here the words nor the love was enough to mend it

The book is a memoir of the author where she talks about her relationship with her father. Talking about oneself to the world is a very brave thing to do and opening up to the world and letting them see what you have been through is something very commendable.

It triggers parts of all the things people go through in the world and consider yourself lucky. The author talks about her childhood and how it made her the person she turned out to be. Everything in the book so real that it feels like I was there to watch when all of that happened.

Sometimes you find your solace in the most unexpected person or a thing and she found it in her dog, Chinna

It is a bit to digest and it will be a slow read but it should be read at least once!

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