• Khushi Giri

Junk by Melvin Burgess.

This book was written in 1996 and it created quite a buzz during that time whilst blaming Burgess to write a book about junkies and drugs and trying to spoil the young readers.

But these were the reviews only from the people who just the book by its cover and not by the ones who read.

The book revolves around two kids – Tar aka David and Gemma – who run away from home to get rid of their home troubles and their journey from being lost at the age of fourteen to the time where they are nineteen. The story flows with the number of people they meet and made friends with and how each person made an influence in their life. This book has a perspective of a lot of people who play an important role in the story of Tar and Gemma.

The times and the generations have changed quite a bit but we see junkies just as you will read in this book. It shows the real world and how some kids actually have a reason to leave home and start anew but some just want to run away from the smallest troubles they are having at home. The story tells us that in your path of life, you may find people and how you take them in your life is your outlook – good or bad. Some may just be looking out for you whilst some just want you to have fun and everyone has a different perspective to what life is to them but all you have to remember is to have your ideas set and drilled in you and not let that change. Being on drugs is shown very intricately yet delicately and how much efforts does it take for people to just come off it.

I absolutely love the books except for some parts where it was too many drugs to even read and handle but in all, it was a good read and a very good storyline.