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Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery

This is the 3rd book of the baking sister series but being honest, this is the only one I read.

After a long time, I picked up a romance novel and I’m glad that I picked this one. It was the first time, I read any Mills&Boon Series and I’m in love with it.

When I read the blurb, I thought it would be the same old story scene from every book but it proved me wrong in some ways.

The book weaved around the characters and the other smartly yet subtly changed the perspective from character to character and it wasn’t confusing or difficult to catch up on.

I loved every part of it from the start to the end and all I could wish was is for a new part for the same.

The author brought the good and the bad in both the main characters which made me develop a love-hate relationship.

It was in all a good read if you want to start with Mills&Boon.

Stars – 3.5/5


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