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Those pricey Thakur girls by Anuja Chauhan

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

A wittingly well-written book

This was my first of Anuja Chauhan and I can’t deny the fact that I loved every detail the book had to give to us. The storyline and the character sketch is on point.

Every character is quirkier than the other and has their own story to be the way they are. The story takes place at a house in a posh area in New Delhi and the family drama is a full package including arguments, romance, fights, misunderstanding and so much more.

The story revolves around the five daughters (named alphabetically) of a retired judge and his wife. Each daughter has their backstory and the way it flows, linking each situation with other and weaved this beautiful story.

Debjani aka Dabbu, the 4th daughter is one of the main focus of the book and her romance with Dylan (A journalist) who is engrossed in penning down the real story of the Sikh riots (it is set after Indira Gandhi’s assassination) and how everything around them, sabotages their chances of love.


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