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1Q84 By Haruki Murakami

I really wanted to read this book cause of the blurb which I had read a few years ago but the size of the book scared me off. Scared me for not being able to complete it due to time constraints, I have read big fat books in the past but it’d been a while and when I saw the set divided in 3 books, I decided to buy and give it a shot.

I started the book and was so into in it that I even downloaded the audiobook so I could hear it in the gym and the audiobook was 46 hours long which I listened to at 1.75X speed.

I like the way the story has been developed and slowly how the characters lives intertwine but what I don’t like about the book is when they repeat the same story from all perspective after a lot of scenes.

I love the characters and the intricate detail for everything. I found a few character perspective unnecessary and it could have done without their part in the story.

The story revolves around Aomame and Tengo and how their worlds are nowhere related other than one small incident. Anything more than this would be a spoiler. Read it and I would love to discuss it.

I would rate it around for 4/5

Would recommend it if you love thriller and mystery.


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