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  • Khushi Giri

Thebookadvocate || Something to talk about


Queer || Beach lover || Dog-person

Alex who lives in Florida, is a clinical social worker who has two fur-balls at her abode, and loves going to the beach with them.

She loves to read (Of course!) and it has helped her open up her mind about things. One of her favorite books that she relates to the most is Make a Wish by Ashley Herring cause it helped her discover things about herself. 

She suggests following LGTBQ+ bookstagrammer who are woke and help you find diverse reads.

She recommends:

- ALL of Ashley Herring books

- Abc’s of LBGT+

- Bookstagays (Podcast by@thebookadvocateand her friend)


About the book: 

Something to talk about by @MerylWilsner

It's a cute sapphic romance book of a boss and co-worker developing feelings for each other and trying to push those away to avoid disruptions in their professional lives but get tangled and rumoured as a couple in front of the media and the story continues from there. 

It is a light read and a fun one. Has a very sensual scene at the end of the book which was really good too. 




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