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Rossy_reads ||Shame is an ocean...


Queer || Reader || Pla-n-tonic person (I tried, lol) || Amateur violinist

Rossy, a 19-year-old who lives in South Goa and man, how I would kill to live surrounded by beaches and wake up knowing so many beautiful beaches are just a few walks away. 

 A fellow book hoarder who loves women and is demisexual, I recently found out about this term and this year has been about me reading and finding out more about the LGBTQ+ community. 

When I read her answers and so many times I went ‘oh damn, that is so me!’, like when she said that she used to read her school books when she got bored and didn’t have books to read which reminded me of how I used to borrow my friend’s English textbook to read cause my books were confiscated cause I wasn’t studying. Haha.

For Rossy, reading has impacted her life in a drastic way and improved her perspective of thinking about life. For her, reading is a way of teaching herself whilst understanding the subject and their emotions.

The only pirate at the party by Lindsey Stirling is one book that she relates to the most, it is about an American violinist who Rossy follows and wishes to play the violin like her someday.

Bookstagram is a place for her to talk books and make book buddies and she realized this in 6 months in the community that everyone here loves books but not everyone is here for fun but some just for business. She got into a slump due to all the FOMO you go through if you are in a reading slump and no one knows it better than me. 

Learning is a choice, Rossy says and recommends following famous personalities to understand about the community and discover so many other people and brands through them.

She recommends

  • Shame is an ocean I swim across by Mary Lambert

  • Aristotle and Dante by Benjamin Alire Saenz

  • Simon Vs. The homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli

About the book:

Shame is an ocean I swim across by Mary Lambert

A collection of poetry about love, rape, PTSD, life, and so on.

I’m a sucker for poetry and I really like this collection but the ones about rape and pain and all the things she went through were painful to read. I dropped the book for about 10 days and I picked it up just so I could review it for I had read awesome reviews about it and I really wanted to read it but it took me a while to take the poetry in and I had to leave it aside to just process what I had just read.


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