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  • Khushi Giri

EmilyKateReads || The picture of Dorian Gray

Queer ¦¦ Engayged ¦¦ Bookstagrammer ¦¦ future Librarian

Emily lives in Southern Ontario which is a few hours away from where I live and I would love to meet her one day. I love to make book friends. After I stalked her #Bookstagram, I noticed that we have attended quite a few book events together. Such a funny coincidence.

Being a fellow reader, I asked Emily the same question I asked everyone for this series. What does reading mean to her?

For her, reading was her escape and she wishes there were more queer books when she was a teen. She recently read ‘The Midnight Lie’ which is a fantasy book and she was tired of always reading about boy crushes and was so happy that she read about queer girls and loved the book cause of it sensual romance between queer girls. She is eagerly waiting for the sequel to come out.

She loves #bookstagram cause she loves to come across like minded people and suggests following people from the community to understand it better, she calls this the process of constantly learning.


About the book:

The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

It is known to be one of the most famous work of Oscar Wilde and my first rear of the author. While reading, I had to look up a few notes to understand what was happening (maybe cause I haven't read enough classics)

It is a story about a beautiful young man, Dorian who gets his portrait made by an artist, Basil and keeps it at his house to look and admire his own beauty.

Read the book and we can discuss the rest cause I have so many questions. Haha.




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