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  • Khushi Giri

AshishReads || Lie with me

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Queer ¦¦ Lit Boy ¦¦ Feminist

Ashish is a 20-year-old gay boy who loves to argue and read. He recollects reading his first book - Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez, he later discovered that it is a gay story and he soon started looking for more queer stories, only to start writing his own.

He loves the book - Call me by your name and makes it a point to read it once a year since 2014. Coincidentally, I have read The Bastard Of Istanbul every year since 2014.

Ashish loves #bookstagram a little too much and often makes it a point to remind people to be kind.



- Call me by your name by André Aciman

- How to fight our lives by Saeed Jones

- Tin Man by Sarah Winman

- A price of salt by Patricia Highsmith


- Prayers for Bobby

- Love, Victor (Hulu)

- Pride (2014)


About the book:

Lie with me by Philippe Besson

A short read about 2 boys falling in love in school in times where there was no internet on the countryside in France, in 1984.

A retelling of the story of how they unexpectedly fell for one another and remembered each other their entire lives

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