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A Dog’s Purpose by W.Bruce Cameron

Blurb vs Trailer

Blurb It suggests the book is from the dog’s point of view and talks about how dogs are a man’s best friend and very loving and loyal and will love you till their last breath of their every life and find their way back to you!


It shows the meaning of life for the dog and his family and the love between them that carries on for lives and his purpose has to be served. It also talks about every life of his, like a glimpse!

Movies Vs Book


The book has a lot of lives and is very emotional and descriptive throughout. Every life has a purpose and meaning and everyone adds up. The whole story starts with a stray dog and then to a pet dog of Ethan who gets him home with his mum when he is a kid and the dog is with him until he goes to college and the journey of both, they are the focus and the most beautiful! (P.S. I cried). The story then continues once the dog dies and reincarnates as another dog but remembers things and then the whole story descends to the dog being a police dog and all. Read the book to find out more! Enough story is told!


The movie is good but doesn’t do a lot of justice to the book. I love the book like way more than the movie. The changed plots and things disappoint me and I would love to read the book like a million times over but the movies is enough after 3 4 times

Verdict – BOOK!!!


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