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Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A book about hope, dreams, and following your personal legend.

I have heard such mixed reviews about this book from people saying of how much they love it to people complaining about how annoying it is.

For me, this book was something I’d thought of reading it to have my own opinion about and I picked it up when I saw a book table at Indigo saying ‘books I pretend I’ve read’ and decided I have to read this one now and quarantine helped me get there.

It is a short read and I took a while to finish it because I got a little bored but that is my fault, I started a new series during that.

This books has a lot of meaning about believing in yourself and trusting yourself. For me, it means to understand what you heart says and follow it but with caution and be full of hope and do not fear for ‘fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself’ and what is life if lived in fear.

‘No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams’.

I would want to pick up another Paulo Cohelo. Any recommendations?


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