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Calling Sehmat – Raazi

Blurb Vs Trailer

Blurb – Her dying father’s wish is for her to marry into a Pakistani family and become a spy for India.

Trailer – Both the countries are prepping for war, this innocent girl is being trained for being sent off as a spy to a Pakistani family by marrying her with a Pakistani. Unknown hero of our country who had nothing but her country that she thought about.

Movie Vs Book

Book – Small quick moments about the prep and all. More of drama involved. The book had hasty moves and also focuses on some unimportant things. Very detailed about the war.

Movie – Whereas the movie focuses on the mission and has changed a lot of facts but I loved the way it’s portrayed. I wish I watched the movie first and then the book cause I already knew things that were going to happen and that disappointed me and the changed facts bothered me as well


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