• Khushi Giri

Dongri to Dubai by Hussain Zaidi

I have had a weird thing with the crime like I get engrossed in reading and researching about it. Like I remember when Osama Bin Laden died. I read so much about it and I researched the F about his doings and his life. I own a book of about his life written by Jean Sasson

Coming back to this book, I was very curious to know about all of the crime lords of Mumbai and I have watched movies about this and then researched and this book was a perfect fit for my thirst of the crime lord knowledge and my theme as well.

This book makes you feel like an insider to the crime world. It gives you a bird’s eye view to everything from Dawood to the smallest goons of Mumbai.

It makes me recollect all the times of when my parents spoke about something happening when I was too young to realize of what was happening but now when I recollect those times I know how it affected the people even my family.

The book gives you the whole picture and shows every side of those fights and how some misunderstanding leads to some many feuds.