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Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything.

Blurb Vs Trailer

Blurb – A girl being all weird and isolated and a boy tries every way possible to meet her?

Trailer – The girl, Maddy is sick and wants to be outside of the house but can’t. She falls in love with a boy and loves her mom too but can’t hold back and she knows she will die but still wants to take the risk of being in love.

(Basically this the whole and sole plot of the book and the movie – they give away the whole thing in under 3 minutes ) 😕

Movie Vs Book


This was a very very quick read. I took a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore and I finished most of it on that. The pages keep on flipping on its own. It is light and quick with some factors here and there. I like the storyline, it went well all through but the end is a bit weird but I can work with that. It surely different from all the love stories that we see and read but yet a bit similar if you know what I mean like those butterflies, first kiss, love at first sight, and all.

I love the small illustrations to describe the love factors in the book and the small snippets of the girl, Maddy’s book reviews. There were some warned spoilers.


The movie is a bit weird compared to the book cause it only revolves around the couple where the books have some other characters playing important factors but I love the kiss scene of the couple and I like the fact that the movie shows that Maddy has Carla’s Daughter to talk to (Rosa)

Verdict – The book is better


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