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Honour by Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak is one of my favorite authors. I had read only two of her books till now and fell in love with them so much that I have read them numerous times now.

Having read honour was amazing.

I love how she jumps from one period of time to another with every chapter and it is difficult to follow so now I have started reading it without looking at the year and mentioned and let the story fall into its place as I read.

The way she mentions small small details and they don’t seem relevant the time you read them but when you flip the pages and that one sentence hits you hard and you go like damn!

I still haven’t finished the book but I had to write this before it slipped my mind. I have the last 60 pages left.

I’m not going to give any spoilers but just say that I’m in awe and broken at the same time while reading this one. My heart aches (literally while reading this, it pains to read a few things but I want to see where the end of the book takes me.)

Damn the last 60 pages are like a fucking emotional rollercoaster as the pages flipped and my anticipation increased with every word!

This is all I’m going to say.

If you have read this book. Hit me up and let’s discuss every little detail of this beautiful book.


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