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Major Pettigrew’s last stand by Helen Simonson

I have read countless romances but never of an old couple falling love and this was indeed beautiful.

Their widowed lives and circumstances lead them to each other and the multiculturalism brings them closer as they learn more about the other and fall in love.

Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali are one of my favorite couples now. They have made it to the top. This book is so full of charm, wit, humor and full of love. The author has included so many factors perfectly with their two far-off cultures – Major being British and Mrs. Ali being Pakistani. Major is very particular about everything in his life.  He has his routine but he is left baffled when he has to cope with his brother’s death and that is where Mrs. Ali comes to rescue. They run into each other work purposes and their new friendship develops and either of them doesn’t know what to do.

Read it to find out what happened next!



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