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My brother's husband

This was my first every manga and I researched about how you read a manga and read some articles and then started and the reason I picked this one is cause it is one of the most praised graphic novels/manga about Pride and I had heard so much about it and I thought there would be no better time to read than Pride month. So I jumped right into it.

I love how while reading when you imagine the characters in your head but here the your imagination is right in front of you not in a movie form, it is at your own pace and every dialogue has it’s own expression and you can look at it as long as you want it.

This story is so cute and raw, I love how the kid’s innocence is right out there and how her father is trying not to be paranoid and doing his best for his kid and trying everything he can to make Mike feel welcome. He has been stiff for so long that for him to soften will take a bit of time.

Can’t wait to read Volume 2.


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