• Khushi Giri

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

#PrideMonth Book 1

Queen by Jen Wilde

This book is very cute, when I first saw the book I found it very girly and when I read the blurb I thought it’d be something very basic and cliched and I wasn’t completely wrong but the book is cute in so many ways and talks about so many things that people with anxiety go through or what famous people who through. I was always thought talking to people is easy and fun but when I read this I came to know about the people that actually find it scary and life-threatening to go to a public place and converse with other humans. That is a very alien feeling for me but now that I get it, I feel weird. I don’t want to tell them it’s okay cause everyone will be putting their views on them but all I want to say is be who you are and just don’t be scared and take your time!

Back to the book now. This book revolves around one convention where three friends from Melbourne, Australia, fly to the states for it and have a hella of time with each other and meet other people, some fall in love and some make friends for life. In the three days, they have a rollercoaster ride of their emotions and life which help them get better at living life and dealing with problems and everything else.

I wish they had more of LGBT factor to it, they have some but not all of it. It is more about emotions and anxiety and dealing with it but I like the couples, they’re very adorable and give you major awe times throughout the book!

It is a very light read 3.5/5