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Room by Emma Donoghue


Blurb vs Trailer Blurb

It is a one-liner – Jack is five and he lives in a single room with his ma. This line only intrigued me in a way that I picked it up and didn’t read it until recently. I got it long before the movie was released.


It suggests something bad and something sinister is happening. The boy and the mother planning to run away and see the world. They are hoping to be saved by someone and police finds them.

Books vs Movie


The book is much more detailed and everything is so intricate and specified like the tv and the people inside. The books that they read and the world.

The innocence was remarkably put like the time where Jack counted the bed creeks when Old Nick came into the room. The book had some more characters like Joy’s (ma) brother and his family and the author writes about how difficult it is to him to gel into the world and dodge the media and fit in. The bond between Jack and Leo (Steppa)


The movie is brilliant. They haven’t put a lot of things from the book but it still makes such a great movie. They have portrayed Jack’s innocence in the most beautiful way and the way he learns to live life in this world which so much bigger than the room. His relationship with ma and grandma.

One of the dialogues that show Jack’s innocence.

You know it if you have watched it or read.

  • Ma tried going to heaven but forgot me down here! Dumbo ma. So the aliens threw her back her and that broke her so she is getting fixed.

I can’t decide if I like the book better or the movie.

I’m in a fix!!


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