• Khushi Giri

Taj Mahal Foxtrot by Naresh Fernandes

Reading this book made me travel back in time whilst listening to the CD - Full of Jazz music that came within the book and it was not only that but the stories felt so real about everything that I felt like I was there and the pictures sure did help as well in all of this.

I found so many things that I was not aware of! and man! now I'm in love with Jazz. My Spotify is filled with Jazz playlists that I have to explore

The introduction of Swing Music in India around 1930-40 when it came into Mumbai when Marine drive was getting it final touches. During this time, Mumbai jumped from 60 - 300 cinemas around the city and the population went from 1.16m to 1.49m.

I know it's a lot of statistics that wasn't needed but the number shocked me so it might as well shock you as well.

I won’t tell you about all the great music you are going to find in the book cause for that you will have to read it and trust me it is worth it and the style may annoy you a bit maybe (it did to me) it is written in a newspaper/magazine style in two columns which sucks but the book is amazing so I think it makes up for it.