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The bookshop on the corner by Jenny Colgan

After reading a few heavy books, I thought of picking something cute and romantic and nothing better than a book about books.

Found this cute book while browsing on goodreads and the book is a cutesy story about an introvert girl who lives in London and goes to Scotland to by a van to convert in a mobile bookstore but her logistics of taking the van back home doesn’t work out so she decides to move to Scotland as the people there tell her that they don’t have a library or a bookstore and she decides to take a leap of faith and starts her bookstore and makes friends in the small town and falls in love with the wrong man and after a few hardships finds a perfect man for herself and when I was reading them being together, I longed for a love and was turned on little bit. Lol. TMI. But it was fun.

There is a 2nd part to this book series and I would love to pick it up soon.

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I love it so much.

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