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The boy in the striped pyjamas by John Boyne

Blurb vs Trailer The blurb just suggested about Bruno being sad to be moved out of Berlin and is confused about why they have to go to ‘Out-with’ (Auschwitz) and something about the Fury.

The trailer portrays some enemy to be defeated and moving so Bruno is losing friends, something really bad and a war and a lot of soldiers.

Movie vs book

Book It was a highly recommended by so many people that I had to read it for this series (#WatchVsRead). So the tile is the boy in the striped pyjamas as a character is introduced so late in the book, like literally after half the book is done. The camp is spoken about but from far away and there is only Bruno missing Berlin and so on. The build-up to meeting Shmuel is too much. I would’ve wanted more of Bruno and Shmuel moments than the whole build up. The end was something that broke my heart and it took me a day to get over the end.

Movie The movie has every intricate detail of the book mentioned and even more. The innocence that they have shown throughout in Bruno & Shmuel is brilliant, especially where Bruno tells Shmuel that he is lucky to be in the camp so that he has so many people to play with. Bruno’s innocence of asking everyone around him about the bad smell coming from the chimney at the camp (Holocaust) and not discriminating Gavel and Shmuel as Jews like everybody else. The kid is shown to be so gullible when he watches the camp and believes that all of that exists and go hugs his dad for he thinks he is a good soldier and feeling content that Shmuel and his family will now be happy.

The only part I wish the movie had the scene with Hitler that was in the book.

Verdict – The movie is better than the book. Being an avid reader, I was surprised to love the movie more. It has rarely ever happened but this was one of the times.


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