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The secret dreamworld of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I have read Sophie Kinsella’s work and this was where it all started in school. This book was one of the few ones that all of my group read. I think it was mainly cause of the teenage stage that we were in.

We loved Rebecca Bloomwood to no bounds. Now as we have seen the world. We came across so many of them who are obsessed with fashion and high-end brands and the way that Sophie has made Rebecca narrate about the purchases and her life is so hilarious. It was so difficult to put the book down.  The pages just turn itself and the story goes on.

If you’ve watched the movie, I assure you that this 300-page piece of art will paint the picture so much better than the movie. The character becomes the story itself. I could totally picture myself being a bystander to Becca’s life and see her getting her life together.


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