• Khushi Giri

The Seige by Adrian Levy

This book is a walk down the memory lane to everyone who just saw the news channel side of this heart-breaking and city-wrecking incident. I have spent my whole life till now in Mumbai and the city holds a very special place in my heart and I was a kid when all of this happened and I can just remember my family being glued to the Television and calling everyone they know to ask if everyone was safe. I remember the havoc that was caused around us and so many people had lost their loved ones and it just broke my heart to read this book, actually I heard the audiobook and I took so many intervals while listening to it cause so many stories just made my heartache but the truth was shown in the book from the planning to the execution to the history of the people who carried out the operation to the people who sacrificed their lives saving others. It is a must read. It may hit a dry spot in the middle but you will get through it.