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The sense of an ending by Julian Barnes

Blurb vs trailer

Blurb – Some old friends from college are now going to dig the past of the old times and it involves lawyers and sounds very sinister.

Trailer- A diary that is to be sent to him and it also involves a nasty letter. One of the best friends dies and they may never find out the truth and there is a lot of regret in him.

Movie vs book

Book The book is divided into 2 parts where it talks about different parts of the life of Tony.

Part 1 talks about how depressed he is with his life and his girlfriend, Vernica.

*I want to tell you more but I’m against the spoiler policy*

Part 2 about when Tony is old and receives a letter from the lawyer that states something that he never expected. He tries and unfolds the past and recollects his memories about it and tries to figure out a lot of things

*This is all I can tell you without giving out any spoilers*

Reading the book is a bit boring and a little too philosophical and very slow but then the end is very unexpected and will leave you thinking about the whole book and the storyline all again.


As the movie starts, it sounds like some motivational and philosophical video that is playing as the narrator, Tony speaks about his life and all.

The movie plot is very very different from the book but it is very well portrayed in the book.

But the end that I loved in the book is so abrupt and a short-lived moment in the movie that I was disappointed about that part.

The verdict – The movie is still better than the book


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