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The Weight of Ink By Rachel Kadish

A historical Jewish fiction about a bunch papers found in an attic in London, which are about 300 years old and hold so many stories of people who lived in those times. The book jumps Bette 1660s and 2000s.

1660s is about a girl scribe which very unusual during those times who was scribing for a blind Rabbi.

2000s is about a historian who is called by one of her former students who finds these papers and Andrian Levy, a student helper working on the papers.

The stories of both times unfold and are taken place in London but 300 something years apart.

Whilst reading about 1660s and how the jews were treated and how the women were treated made me realize how much evolved we are today about everything, they touch up on topics about dowry, a women on being able to mend things at home but now work or study, how marriage proposals were a business and very rarely love, outcasts, and so much more.

As the years pass by, they even spoke about the London plague that spread in 1665 to 1667 where they were quarantined. Haha! What are the odds of me reading about those times while I’m staying home being quarantined in 2020.

It was heavy and long but a really good read, I know so much about history of the jews and what they went through.



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