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Typewriter Rodeo

Typewriter Rodeo is a compilation of poems that are written by Jodi, David, Kari, and Sean and I must say that it is a beautiful initiative.

I have been obsessed with typewriters from god knows when but never got a chance to buy one but it's my target to gift myself one before 2018 ends. A gift to myself.

I love this book so much. I love how one word or just a prompt can turn into something so beautiful, I wish I had the power to tap words and make them worth reading. Maybe someday. I wish I could meet typewriter Rodeo one day and get multiple poems for me cause I'm a hoarder and I love it.

This book is for the ones who love to read poems and the stories behind it. I love how the book is divided into parts like for family, kids, inspiration and so on. For me, reading the stories got a bit too much so I just skimmed through some of them but at the end, I loved all the poems and I have marked so many pages with the poems that I loved.


It's a must read if you love reading poems and you are a typewriter buff!


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