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Wonder by R.J.Palacio


Blurb vs trailer


A boy who knows that his face isn’t ordinary and the quote – You cannot blend in when you’re born to stand out.


August and his family living life and prepping for his first day of school (5th grade). It shows glimpse of his relationship with mom, dad, his sister and his friends too.

The humor factor is amazingly portrayed and his teacher’s (Mr.Brown) percepts are something to look forward to.

Book vs Movie


I love how the POV of all characters has a connect with Auggie and the story just keeps moving forward instead of repeating each situation.I love all the detailing of the scenes and the percepts are my favorite. I love stories in which friendship plays a major part and here the bond between Auggie & Jack, Auggie & Summer, Via & Miranda, Auggie, Via & Daisy.


The movie has been adapted beautifully but there are some minor changes which are okay but I still wanted it to be the exact same. The movie has made it to my one of my comfort movies and it makes me tear-up every time I watch. I love Jacob Tremblay – that kid is such an amazing actor. I love each and every actor in the film and the way they have adapted it and screened it is beautiful!

But I love the book better. P.S it was a tough choice


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